• Registration for admission will be open for boys as well as girls, as per the procedure laid down for this purpose.
  • The School Brochure must be obtained from school office. The application form in it should be completed, complying to the instructions given in all respects.

Pupil must fulfill the minimum age requirements as laid down by the department.

By June 1st of the session to which admission is being sought, they must have reached the minimum age as shown below.

Pre KG               2 years 10 months.

LKG                    3 years 10 months.

UKG                    4 years 10 months.

1st Standard      5 years10 months,                                                               …and so on.

After confirming the admission, the application form must be submitted to the office by remitting the prescribed fees and submitting the following documents:


  • 4 stamp size Photographs of the child.
  • Date of  Birth Certificate (Pre KG - 1st STD).
  • Original Transfer Certificate in the case of higher classes.
  • ID proof of the parent.